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Welcome To Exeter Eagles BMX Club

Latest Exeter Eagles Newsletter

Welcome to Exeter Eagles’ first newsletter, it has been produced in order to keep club members and other riders in the region up to date on the behind the scenes news,  status of the track, up and coming events, reports from races and much more. We hope you find the newsletter informative and interesting. We would like you to contribute, if you have any articles or comments for the newsletter then please forward them to

Track Update
As you are all aware the track opening has been very limited since October, this is very disappointing and frustrating for us all but it has been unavoidable. The huge amount of rainfall over the winter period has hindered the installation of the new lights and wreaked havoc with the newly laid track. The berms and third straight have been particularly badly affected, the rain has highlighted the worst sections of track, we are looking at improving the drainage in these areas. It is the clubs intention to tarmac the berms as and when funds are available (over £10,000 is needed) and 20 tonnes of dust has been delivered which will be installed in the near future.   The new lights have been installed and now need to be wired in, we are getting quotes from electricians to complete the job. We are hoping that the combination of the new track settling in, the new lighting, improved   drainage and tarmacing the berms will enable us to run the track more smoothly next winter but we ask you all to remain patient with us as this may take time to achieve.

Club Membership
With the New Year upon us club membership is now due, many of our members have already renewed but for those how have not please do so using PayPal via our club website or in writing to Rachel. The membership form can be downloaded from our website. In response to feedback from club members we have decided to set the membership fee to £40 for families and £20 for individuals. Any family who has already paid £50 please contact Rachel for your £10 refund.  We believe the membership fee represents good value for money, members pay a reduced rate each time they ride and are entitled to a 10% discount on all purchases from the Green Machine in Kingsteignton

Club Website:
Simon Firth has spent many hours over the last few months developing our stunning new website.  The club will like to say a big thank you for all the effort he has put in and another big thank you to his company Vibrant Pulse  who hosts the site free of charge. News, track opening times and other news will be updated regularly so bookmark our site Exeter Eagles and visit often.

Track Opening:
Until further notice the track will be open Sunday’s 11 am to 2 pm, gates will bein operation but only straights 1&2 will be in use until the 3rd straight dries out and is repaired. Please check on our website or Facebook for further updates. Once the track is fully open we are introducing amore structured opening regime. The details are as follows:

6-8 gates in operation-open to all riders  

£1 members,
£3 non members

Thursday 6-8 Club riders night. gates in operation, open to BC registered riders with race license only 

£1 members,
£3 non members

Saturday 2-4 no gates, open to all riders

£1 members,
£2 non members

2012 Season:
Many riders have qualified for the 2012 World Championships via their results in the 2011 season, riders who have not already qualified have a second chance to qualify via the National  events in Manchester in January and February 2012. The second phase registration will open on February 21st 2012 and close on March 2nd 2012.

Car boot sale:
Do you have any old household items to donate that we could sell through a car boot sale? If so Rachel Foster is collecting items to sell, all profits will go directly to the club.

We are currently looking for someone within the club to help out with fund raising and grant applications. If you would like to help then please contact Carl Harris.

Archived Newsletters:

January 2012 newsletter