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  • Mar
    Saturday 10th March and Tuesday 13th Committee meeting

    We are back to our usual opening times as from last night so we will be open 2pm to 4pm Saturday 10th March. Don't forget that there is a committee meeting on Tuesday 13th 7:30 Cowwick Barton.
  • Mar
    Thursday 8th March and Tuesday 13th Committee meeting

    Following the completion of the installation of our lights I am delighted to announce that starting from this Thursday we will be opening midweek. The whole track and the start gate will be in operation 6-8pm. Please check back on Thursday incase of bad weather. There is a committee meeting 19:30, Tuesday 13th March at the Cowick Barton. All members are welcome to attend.
  • Mar
    Sunday 4th March

    We will be open 11am until 2pm on Sunday. Gates will be in operation and the whole track will be open. All welcome.
  • Feb
    Saturday 24th and Sunday 26th

    We intend to arrange a work party for Saturday in order to carry on with the track maintainance. Any help  would be greatly appreciated, please contact Carl if you can come along. The track willbe open to riders Sunday 25th 11am- 2pm, all welcome.
  • Feb
    Sunday 19th February

    The track will be open on Sunday fromm 11am to 2pm, all welcome.
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