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Welcome To Exeter Eagles BMX Club



PRESENT:              Rachel Brooks, Cyril Jury, Paula Hallett, Ian Wherry, Mike Keogh, Mark Major, Mark England, Martin Green, Barrie Green, Dave Herman, Tom Palmer, Andrew Phillips and Steve Manaton        

APOLOGIES:           Rob Holloway, Exeter BMX Club  


MK wanted the region to look into revising the Constitution. British Cycling are looking at a new constitution which will be distributed for each Region to use or amend as necessary. PH suggested that the constitution should be left as it is at the moment. DH asked what the issues were and MK suggested that it needed more adding to it. It was agreed that it would be left for this year and once BC have distributed their version, the Region would have a look and tweak it to suit.

PH produced the current Constitution and asked each club to sign to say that they agree to use it.


At the AGM DH had produced a sketch idea of how the Region could put the organising of race meetings back to each club. PH said that it can be set up if each club agree to do. All clubs in attendance were asked to agree, all clubs there were in agreement so it was decided that this would be put into place.

This is to be tested for a year to see how well it works. SM addressed a couple of issues; 1) if the running of the region is going back to the clubs then there will be no point in having a Regional Committee. It was decided that we would need to agree on what the Regions responsibilities are and what the clubs responsibilities are. 2) Where would the money be coming from if it was all going back into the clubs.

In turn DH ran through the points of his idea.

First Aid

The main instigator for this is the first aid as this was a costly part of the regions spending due to travelling costs. This should be sourced locally by each club. The First Aid will need to be vetted and agreed that it fulfils the minimum requirements – DH happy to vet. PH said that a definition of what each member/level of the team can do would need to be found so that this can be clarified and written into the criteria. Previously there were supposed to be 4 members so that if there was an incident 2 could deal with the injured and 2 would still be on track so racing could continue.

Criteria List

There needs to be criteria set which is overseen by one person. MG suggested that the jobs are taken away from the Region but a Committee would be needed to make decisions. It was pointed out that if you run a National there is a checklist and if anything is not adhered to then there is a penalty charged. This could be considered for our Regional events. SM thought that the clubs need to be applying for Regionals rather than just automatically getting one, that way there would have to be certain standards. MK suggested that the change of the regional set up should be trialled for one year with a final trial the second year.

PH and DH will work together on a plan and bring this back to the next meeting. The decision will need to be made quickly in order for clubs to get this arranged for the season. DH will then circulate the agreed criteria to each club secretary who will then complete with the club and forward back to DH for verifying.

Race Shirts

The Region will decide the design/colour and the clubs will then need to take an order and submit this to the Region. This will all be organised well in advance.


PH said that the finance for the trophies needed to be discussed. Organising of the trophies will go back to the Region and PH was happy to stay with Trophy Man of Barnstaple as he has an interest in BMX and is good for his business. DH said that a budget would need to be set and that each club should contribute a fixed fee to cover the end of season trophies. Novice trophies will continue to be provided by the hosting club. SM suggested a fee of £300-£400 should go back into the pot to budget for trophies. DH put forward that the club should give their contribution to the Region at their Regional race which can be handed to Cheryl and banked. It was asked if it was fair for the least attended clubs to pay a fixed fee but it was argued that  it would be unfair to charge per rider attendance as this will result in clubs with well attended races putting in more than those that had less riders. IW suggested that taking £2 per entry fee would enable the Region to get an accurate figure but CJ said as mentioned this would be unfair to do as some would end up paying more.

Hygiene Facilities

It was agreed that a minimum of 4 toilets would be required at a race or 3 loos and a urinal.

Number Plates

The Region will need to ensure they have enough funds to cover the cost of number plates. MK asked why we needed to worry about supplying number plates. SM pointed out that it creates a Region/club ethos and PH added that it creates an atmosphere. Number plates and side plates are usually a set fee so this will be easier to estimate the funds needed.

SW End of Year Presentation

It was briefly discussed that perhaps we should go back to having a separate end of year party. RB pointed out that last year at Paignton by the time it came to the SW presentation most people had left and were trying to grab their trophies and go. SM suggested charging for the event that way it would not be costly to the Region to put on. It would need to be something good if a charge is to be made. RB said that it ends the season off properly with a chance to be away from the track/BMX racing. SM also mentioned that other sports have a proper end of year party. This would be left to whoever was hosting the SW Champs to decide how they would like to run it.

Help on the Day

It was pointed out that clubs will need to ensure that they have enough members to run their Regional race and if not then the necessary people will need to be informed prior to their race. The referee should say if there are not enough Marshall’s on the track. BG said it was not a good impression for newcomers when there are delays due to not enough help. The incorporation of new clubs was discussed as there were several appearing that do not have tracks. MM from Braunton explained that they had to be affiliated with BC before the Council would even consider looking into the planning of a track in the area. It was agreed that if the clubs are affiliated then they should be incorporated into the regions decisions etc. and as long as the clubs are contributing then there would not be a problem. MK suggested that clubs without tracks could link up with clubs nearby and arrange to hold an event at their track. DH to put a criteria form together.


The payment to Cheryl and Chris for doing the points will remain at £50 and £25 respectively.

Registering an event

The BC registration forms for holding a Regional event have previously been completed by PH but this will now be handed to each club to complete, DH to source a copy of these forms.


Pre-registration was discussed and it was asked how successful this was last year and whether there was anyone that was available to do. RB pointed out that at the AGM Rob said that it took a lot of time to get everything ready on the Friday night prior to each race. PH mentioned that BC have put together a document about how to run pre-reg. DH asked if it was worth doing. PH suggested going back to having clubs email a list of pre-reg riders who would go to one queue to pay and another queue would be for those that hadn’t. This seemed to work well in 2010. MG suggested having one queue for riders who had already filled out their cards and one for riders who need to fill out a card. RB said that each club normally supply someone to help at registration. It was clarified that this was to take the money so that Cheryl and Chris are free to enter the details onto the computer.

Race Fees

As we were in discussion about the registration process, PH wanted to set the race fees for this year and due to the financial climate we should keep the race fees to £10.00 for Expert and £7.00 for Novice. It was suggested that why should Novices get their race fee cheaper as they are still competing in the same amount of races; the only difference  being that they get a trophy at the end of the day and not an end of year regional trophy. It was agreed that the Novice fees would be increased to £10.00 as it was felt that this was not too much to ask and that some riders do not do every race anyway.

Therefore for the 2012 race season the charge will be £10.00 for both Expert and Novices.  


PH confirmed that the age groups would remain as per the Nationals but questioned whether we should keep the 17+ payback class and run this as per last year alongside the 17-24 & 25-29.

DH said that the payback was spectacular to watch and TP said it gave the riders an incentive to come to Regionals if they knew that there would be the chance of winning some money.

MK asked what did the payback riders actually contribute to the Region as all their race fees were given back in prize money. RB pointed out that there were several riders that actually did the 17+ payback as an additional to their normal class so therefore the Region still had some money from them. A suggestion was made that they should actually pay more to race the payback but then this may stop some riders choosing to race both categories.

DH said that they should still be charged £10.00 and all of the money go into the prize pot. TP was then asked if he would mind paying £15.00. He said that he feels it is not too steep and he would pay it as you are racing for money. It was agreed that the charge would be £15.00 with £10.00 going into the prize money pot and £5.00 would go to the Region/club.

DH wanted to clarify that riders racing in the payback category would count towards the Brits qualification. This was confirmed. After some discussion it was decided that the top 3 would get the prize money and that 4th place could get their race fee back. The break down of prize money would be 1st 50%, 2nd 30% and 3rd 20%.

BG stated that there would need to be enough riders to guarantee that 3rd place got more than 4th place.  

4.     PA

Ian Wheeler will be circulating a booking form for club that will need to be completed if clubs would like to use him for the PA at their Regional Race.  


PH asked if any club had found a member of their club who would like to take over the role of Treasurer. Nobody had come forward so Rob will still stay as the Temporary Treasurer for the time being.  


PH had a copy of the South’s Regional dates and the Nationals and asked each club to put forward their preferred dates. After a lot of workings out and discussion the provisional dates were agreed as follows:

1 April                     Bristol

15 April                   Exeter

6 May                      Torbay

13 May                    Duchy

17 June                   Burnham

1 July                      Decoy

15 July                     Tiverton

5 August                 Cornwall

19 August                Bideford

2 September            Bath

SM confirmed that Cheddar will not be having a Regional race but will be holding another “Champions of Cheddar” which is likely to be 2 weeks prior to the Brits on the 8/9 September.


PH suggested that the qualification for the ranking and trophy should be increased to 8 from 10; this was rejected as it was felt that it was too much to get riders to do 8 in a season and didn’t give much leeway for dropping races if had other commitments. It was then agreed to leave this at 7 from 10 for ranking and trophy and SM confirmed that it was still 5 for qualification for the Brits.


PH asked if the Brits should be at the end of September or beginning of October. TP said that from a rider’s point of view it was too long a gap from the Brits to the SW Champs and that riders would still have the buzz from the Brits to carry forward to the SW Champs. It was therefore agreed that the SW Champs would be held on Saturday 30th September. The deadline for applications will be 27th Feb. Clubs will need to present their applications at the next meeting.


29 April                   Bristol

6 May                     Torbay

13 May                    Duchy

3 June                     Exeter

17 June                   Burnham

1 July                      Decoy

15 July                    Tiverton

5 August                  Cornwall

19 August                Bideford

2 September            Bath  

7.     AOB


DH asked whether we felt that at the Brits we should race in Race Shirts or T-Shirts. Everyone agreed that race shirts were a better option. This should be sorted out at the beginning of the season with clubs putting as order together. A suggestion was made as to whether each club could have their club design on the sleeve of their shirts. It was agreed that this could be possible.


IW talked about a new club that he had set up; “One and All Cycling” who are registered with BC, for coaching and road cycling. He wanted to make everyone aware of this new club and he felt that it would pull more riders into the Region. They do not have a track but do train on the flat with the majority of people on road bikes.


Once again there had been posts on BMX Talk about having a joint event with the South Region. PH had contacted the 3 key people who would be involved with organising this event. It was discussed that there could either be a one off event at Cheddar or nominate a regional race that would combine this event.

SM suggested that we dwell on it and have a think about what we could do. It was pointed out that the Champions of Cheddar would be a similar event. PH suggested that it is taken back to each club and a brought back to the next meeting. IW said that we would struggle to put on an extra event as the calendar is so busy already. PH pointed out that the idea of this is to give riders that do not do the Nationals the opportunity to race a bigger pool of riders.


IW asked if it could be arranged for all riders attending the Worlds to meet up at a central track and have some riders that have already competed in the Worlds to run through and explain what happens with regards to the holding areas, what equipment/essentials they would need and food/drink etc. He said that this would be a daunting time for the younger riders who have never done this before.

SM said that he would be able to get hold of the necessary information which could be circulated to all clubs. He explained that there are stages and GB would have their own car park area and there are people there to deal with any problems with the bikes and if there are any problems then there are designated people the children can ask for help. SM said it is probably best to just “chuck them in at the deep end” rather than scaring them for things that may not end up occurring.


The date for the next meeting was agreed for Monday 27th February 2012 – 7.30pm for 8.00pm at The Jack In The Green Inn, Rockbeare, Nr Exeter, EX5 2EE






Work on plan for the criteria for running the Regions Events


Source the Registering an Event Forms


Put a criteria form together for minimum required help on the day


Joint Event with the South Region to be taken back to each club and discussed

All Clubs

Information on the Worlds format, for passing onto clubs


Archived Regional Minutes:

MINUTES - 09.01.2012